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Our Services

We help our clients identify, design and implement the right security and data strategies, tools and processes to fit the needs of the business NOT just the needs of IT.

Our Services are built around 4 key pillars

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Managed Threat Intelligence

Secure your organisation’s future and increase its resilience against evolving threats with INTEL8, managed threat intelligence.

Managed Security Operations Centre

Enhance your security posture with SOC8, offering continuous incident detection and meticulous threat response, operating 24×7.

3-in-1 Assessments

Empower and protect your organisation with insights, baselining your current state and revealing security maturity and potential gaps.

Expert Pen Testing

Identify your technical vulnerabilities and provide tangible actions to safeguard your business.

CISO as a Service

Enhance your security posture and mitigate risks with the help of our expertise.

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Data Strategy

Get your organisation aligned with a long-term plan to manage your information assets.

Data Governance

Instill efficient principles, and controls to ensure your data is secure, accurate, and usable.

Data Analytics

Optimise your decisions, basing them on high-quality and reliable data.

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Maturity Assessments

Actively guard, assess, and enhance your data privacy practices through a meticulous assessment of data protection readiness, identifying and addressing maturity gaps and vulnerabilities.

Control Framework Design & Implementation

Receive expert guidance, streamline processes, and prepare effectively for regulators.

Data Protection Officer (DPO) as a Service

Acquire a named DPO from our team to lead your data protection initiatives.

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Data Visualisation

Bring your data to life with engaging, insightful, interactive visualisations.

Process Automation

Unify your business and reporting activities, automate manual and repetitive tasks, enhance your data accuracy, and reduce costs with process automation.

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