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Cyber Skills Gap – Video Podcast

Our very own Gareth Neal joins Rob Mukherjee, talking Cyber Skills Gap and AI with the Security Space. Watch the full video on Youtube below.

The infamous “skills gap” in cyber. Is there? Isn’t there?

Watch the Youtube Podcast.

“Today we are joined by Rob Mukherjee & Gareth Neal to take this one step further…if there wasn’t a skills gap before – will there now be one with the advancements in AI? We look at how AI helps the “Attack” side (“We’re in big trouble. How are we supposed to cope with AI-based attacks!”), nut also how AI helps the “Defence” side (“Don’t worry. We’ll use AI to protect ourselves”)

This special episode is a ping-pong battle between the pros and cons AI has in this area and we summarise by choosing a side.

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