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Gap Assessment, Cyber Essentials and Awareness Programme

“Excellent cyber security support.

We recently had the pleasure of working with Parker Neal Ltd on our cyber security needs, and we were thoroughly impressed with their services. The team took the time to understand our existing information security posture and provided excellent support in implementing complex technical controls to ensure our systems are secure. This includes ongoing support to assist us in working towards Cyber Essentials Plus Certification.

Additionally, Parker Neal Ltd delivered a tailored information security awareness program for our London and Istanbul teams. It was very engaging and highly effective, greatly improving the overall security maturity of our company.

Overall, we find Parker Neal Ltd to be a great cyber partner to work alongside. Their personalised approach and commitment to excellence in cyber security make them an ideal partner for companies seeking comprehensive cyber security and data privacy consultancy services.

We are proud to have them as our advisors and delivery partner and would highly recommend them to any business looking for reliable and experienced cyber security support”.

Kaan Aydogmus – Chief Executive Officer

Magnetic London Creative Services Ltd

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